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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and gather friends over a picnic and grill your favourite foods. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we reduce our waste (preferably aiming for zero-waste) and leave our public spaces clean. So many times we have seen reckless beach-goers and BBQ-ers litter public spaces with trash.


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Despite more efforts from local authorities around the world providing bins for us to throw our trash, the problem of waste remains to be huge. Instead, think about what waste you will produce and how to avoid it BEFORE arriving on site.

I take you back to this introduction to zero-waste where I explain a somewhat process, a mindset of adopting a zero-waste lifestyle. This mindset applies when organising any outdoor picnics or BBQs.

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BBQ Food Shopping

When shopping for your BBQ or picnic, have a clear idea of who will be eating. You should have an idea of who is vegetarian and how eats meat. Plan the portions well to keep food waste down to a minimum.

Opt for locally grown and sustainably farmed (preferably Organic) food. Whether you are buying vegetables or meat, you should always check your sources. Dare to ask where the product comes from and if it’s conventionally farmed or farmed responsibly.

If you don’t eat meat, check out these Vegetarian BBQ Ideas.

Remember to take your reusable food containers for any deli counter items or fresh meat from the butcher – avoid pre-packed food items.

Pack your groceries in your reusable grocery bag.

zero-waste bbq

Prepare Ahead Of Time

Chop up fruits and other snacks and store them in these handy eco-friendly silicone snack bags.

Prepare your marinations, chopped veggies and store in reusable containers.

Zero-Waste BBQ / Picnic Packing List

Reuseable travel cup or recycled and reusable set of cups – eliminate plastic or paper cups that produce so much waste.

Compostable Plates that you can throw into your compost bin. Or use reusable plates that you can take back home (the latter more sustainable!) This eliminates any plastic plates.

Reusable Cutlery – or simply use your hands! Eating with your hands stimulates your senses and makes food more enjoyable. Make your own natural sanitizer using On Guard Protective Blend.

Completely refrain from using straws! If you really want to have straws for your cocktails or kids juices – consider stainless steel straws.

Swap paper napkins for cloth napkins.

Make sure to have Compostable Trash Bags for your food scraps that you can take home to add to your compost.

Cover your food or wrap leftovers in Beeswax Wraps – this will replace any aluminium foil or plastic wrap that you would otherwise use.

Eco-friendly BBQ-ing: opt for natural and non-toxic methods. Check out these 4 types of eco-friendly charcoal you can use to grill your food.

zero-waste bbq outdoors

Other eco-friendly essentials for outdoor BBQs and Picnics

Keep the bugs and mosquitos away with natural and eco-friendly Mosquito Repellent Candles.

Apply safe and natural Mosquito Repellent / Bug Spray using essential oils.

Protect your skin from the sun using a natural and eco-friendly Sunscreen or make your own sunscreen.

What to do with any waste produced during outdoor BBQs?

TAKE IT BACK HOME! The first thing is not to leave it on the ground as this can attract birds or other wildlife and can cause serious harm to them.

If you have plastics, metals, glass – take it home to recycle or reuse. Or find suitable recyclables bins in your town.

Food waste – throw it back into the earth or compost it.

There should be no reason for you to leave your trash behind. Be responsible and proud to leave the place as you found it (or cleaner and better!)

Happy Summer Adventures!
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