A personal story about my background and how I started this new chapter, exploring the amazing art of natural living, the science and ultimately the empowerment!


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In March 2019 I decided to join DoTerra as a Wellness Advocate and here I want to share my story and what drives me to take this step.

My Experience With Health & Medicine

I was brought up in the pharmaceutical industry. My late grandfather, a pharmacist, started his business from a small pharmacy. He served his customers fully ensuring they get the best care and medication they needed to help them cure and manage their illnesses.

As a person with diabetes himself, he well understood the care required to take care of oneself. He was probably one of the healthiest men I knew who took his health very seriously.

His business grew and he established a successful business importing, marketing and distributing health care products across our tiny islands.

When I joined his company, I was already convinced by the products I was to represent. I grew up with them. I knew their ingredients, their names and what they were used for. Taking his legacy forward was my pride. I wanted to serve others as he did. In fact, my biggest passion was in public health promotion and led me to conduct various health promotion campaigns related to the illnesses and ailments my products were invested in.

Despite the amazing work my colleagues and I did, I also ‘abused’ of over the counter meds. As soon as I head a mild headache I would pop a pain killer. I spent years dancing with knee and back injuries all thanks to anti-inflammatories and pain killers. When I had a cold, I took the maximum daily dose of anti-cold and flu meds. And when my throat flared out, I was quickly prescribed the maximum doses of antibiotics because my body could not fight by itself anymore.

I ran my immune system to the ground, on multiple occasions.

Natural Medicine – A lost tradition?

As I grew older, I began to understand better the use of plant-based medicine. My desire for natural and plant-based ingredients was heightened when I lived in a rural village in Nepal volunteering in a school. As the wealth of people began to improve, they would consult with doctors and pharmacists in the nearest town. Buy medicines prescribed to them with no questions asked.

‘What about their traditional medicine?’ I would ask. Why don’t they turn to their ancestral ancient knowledge of plant medicine, readily available in the nearby jungles and surrounding lands?

The tradition of plant-based medicine was lost, with only a handful of locals in that village who still use and know where to look for specific plants for medicinal use.

The Road To Empowerment With Natural Living

When I launched Naturally Hannah, a couple of years later, it still had not occurred to me that I was not following my desire to serve others. I was in many ways, but I wasn’t consciously aware that my desire was to lead an empowered natural lifestyle and serve others through this.

Until I started making my own soaps and scrubs with recipes that had essential oils and quickly found out that essential oils are not used only for their aroma! They are true gifts from nature; organic natural compounds that have the ability to heal. What our senses perceive as fragrances are actually vital aromatic compounds – tiny organic molecules that offer a variety of reproductive and regenerative purposes.

I wanted to learn more about these powerful aromatic oils so I turned to the Herbs & Essential Oils bundle, read up and experimented with essential oils and herbs as much as I could possibly do in my busy schedule.

I explored. I surrendered. I conquered. I am empowered.

Since exploring more with essential oils and refraining from consuming over the counter meds excessively the frequency of the common cold & flu and my bi-annual occurrences of throat infections ceased.

Why I Chose DoTerra Essential Oils

As I was searching for top quality, pure essential oils in Nepal I stumbled across the DoTerra Co-Impact Model and their work in Nepal. This was attraction at first sight!

Please watch this powerful and impactful story.

My social media feed often featured DoTerra communications – clever google! – and finally, I signed up. I wanted to make sure that I am using the more pure and potent ingredients topically, internally and aromatically. I was supported from day one to help me integrate essential oils into my daily routine with abundant information and as a wellness advocate assist me in serving others and growing a business I am passionate about.

So this is the start of my journey with DoTerra, a new chapter in Naturally Hannah’s natural wellness book.

DoTerra studies areas primarily within countries with economic difficulties, to source high quality raw herbs and plants and through this, supports small scale and artisan farmers grow and harvest herbs and plants sustainably. This ensures the most pure ingredients and brings sustainable and long-term business growth opportunities for the farmers and harvesters and the next generations.

DoTerra’s unequivocal focus on purity of the raw materials ensures that we, its consumers, are provided with a regulated, pure and ethically made product.

Healing Hands Foundation

Another reason why I choose DoTerra is their Healing Hands Foundation providing healing and hope to the world. DoTerra provide communities with tools to be self-reliant – from the farmers all the way to the end consumer – you and me!

Through microcredit lending, access to healthcare and education and more individuals are empowered. The objective from the start of DoTerra was to establish a pattern of giving right from the very beginning.

As much as we love the essential oils, as much as that brings hope and empowerment, the culture really begins with this desire to give, empower, liberate at every stage and at every process.

Working with DoTerra seemed like an obvious choice. The company helped me answer my ‘why’. Through my passion and selfinterest for empowered wellbeing and serving others, my business will empower more than the lives I touch directly. Every bottle of essential oil is making a positive social impact somewhere to someone.

About CPTG Quality Testing & Certification.

DoTerra does not promote its products as organic because the final DoTerra products are more than just organic.

“The CPTG testing begins immediately after distillation with each oil being reviewed for its chemical composition. A second round of testing is carried out at our production facility to ensure that what was distilled and tested is the same essential oil as was received. A third review of the chemistry of the oil is conducted in a three-phase procedure as the oils are packaged into the bottles we use as consumers. Each of these tests confirms that DoTerra essential oils are free of contaminants and unexpected alterations during production.”

DoTerra Source Map

Read more About DoTerra’s CPTG Testing Process

Pharma and Plant-Based. West vs East.

I am not against the pharmaceutical industry and neither would I disregard the amazing work and research carried out by all the scientists and doctors and all the care given.

However, I do believe that mother Earth does provide us with all we need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Investing in preventative health care is probably the best investment one can make – with the objective of reducing or eliminating the need for extensive, expensive (and sometimes excessive) healthcare later on in life.

Someone recently told me “I can’t afford to buy cheap.” This doesn’t only apply for fast-fashion. This is a mentality that applies to all our consumption and purchasing choices. By investing in pure, research-based, herbal medicine reduces the need for expensive medical therapies and hospital visits later on.

By combining ancestor and ancient knowledge on plant based medicine with research in modern medicine (and more and more information available to us!) we have the potential to take our health in our own hands, starting today.

This is why I choose DoTerra. I feel empowered. I feel rich with the right information and tools to make the right choices and investments in my health and that of my husband.


Through Naturally Hannah I aim to Educate. Serve. Empower. Build.

I will be hosting a few online classes throughout the year so watch this space or sign up here to get informed and served so that you too could be empowered.

When I started Naturally Hannah I was not clear on what I wanted to achieve. I simply knew, a gut-feeling, that I had to start. And now I know why – because there is nothing better on this planet, nothing better to do than serve myself and those around me.

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