lockdown at home

Forced into lockdown is no easy situation to digest. Here are three ways I survived/surviving the effects and repercussions of being isolated and living in a crisis.

It’s been weeks now, some of even entering the third month. Most of us thinking, “when will this end?” This too shall pass but the question is will things resume to ‘normal’ and when?

The uncertainty of the future and fear of the virus itself is enough to cripple and paralyse us. The easiest thing to do is go about our day, moving from the sofa to the fridge, waiting for the storm to pass. But the fear and anxiety within us will eventually come through and it will be felt in the most debilitating of ways.

Nature has forced us into retreat. As mother earth also takes this time to heal and blossom, so should we.

The world as we know it is crashing, pivoting, upheaving simultaneously. A lot of shifts and energies are transforming lives some for the better, some for the worst.

Here are a few ways to manage the extended lockdown with your head up, wherever you find yourself locked down.

1. Maintain Routine: Personal, Relationship, Career

Routine for some can seem restrictive. However in a situation like the one we are living in, it’s probably the best thing to have to maintain some level of normality.

Routine can be implemented in different aspects of your life: personal, relationship and career.

Personal Routine: If pre-crisis you woke up at 6am to do your exercise or start your day, then stick to that. Giving yourself 30 – 60 minutes each morning to prime your mindset, physical wellbeing, and soul sets you going on the right foot. 

Maintain healthy eating times – disrupting your meal plan can affect your day in different ways – such as sleep and digestion.

Relationships: Find activities you can do with your loved ones. Perhaps it could be playing a game of cards, exercising together, making a meal together or discovering new hobbies like art or music together. Reach out to loved ones that you don’t live with through a video call. Keep connected. Stay social.

Career: If you have the luxury of a job amidst this chaos, be sure to arrive to your “workstation” on time. Keep your work hours to what they’re supposed to be and avoid the easy temptation to work at all hours of the day. This can become disruptive and take away the precious time we have been given to spend on resting, learning, socialising.

Grow your network: Meet new people with the same interests online and chat about their projects and look for ways to collaborate and share ideas.

2. Learn & Grow

This crisis has left many of us with more time on our hands and also with less work. Give yourself that much needed time to allow your body and mind to rest and restore. And when you feel ready, learn something new.

There are hundreds of thousands of online courses out there for something you are interested in or always dreamed of learning and doing. This is your time!

Such crisis is the ideal time to pivot what hasn’t been working for you and strategise a new pathway for your personal growth and career success. 

3. Relax & Restore

When the weekends and evenings come – make sure you take the break you deserve. Go offline, save your eyes from the screen strains and your mind from the news.

Give yourself the opportunity to relax, to allow your body to restore. It is especially needed now.

Maintain good quality sleep. When we are rested we are more able to think and make decisions clearly. Take this time to detox your space to support a restful sleep.

It is normal that during such testing times we experience stress and anxiety to some degree. Some people feel it mildly in the background, others in full force and physically. Find your portal to express this – whether through art form like painting, writing, or through movement such as dance exercise. 

Finally, this pandemic has slapped us with one truth – we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond.

Self-care activities are so important during these times to alleviate stress and keep calm. Check out some self care tips I used during times of stress and uncertainty.

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