I am so excited to share these recipes with you. This is my first ever official collaboration with Stephie Mizzi from The Green Bootcamps, who is also a big believer of the fact that if each one of us made little lifestyle changes, collectively we can make a big difference! Yes, WE CAN!

She reached out to me after publishing my last post about simple eco-living tips pointing out that I missed a really simple eco-hack: making your own cosmetics and toiletries. Truth be told, I am lazy and I always thought that to make your own cosmetics and toiletries is a hassle; maybe you’re also thinking ‘I have no time for this,’ right? Well, I was wrong.

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Steph has shared her experience and recipes and tips on making quick, simple and organic homemade cosmetics and toiletries.

Since I have made a commitment on taking my eco-journey a step further, this came at a perfect time. With these recipes in hand, I am sharing my own experience with you as I make them myself for the first time.


I’m using recycled bottles from shampoos, juices and other items that I found lying around my mum’s house! Apart from the huge amounts of plastic waste you reduce by making your own in re-usable packaging, these recipes are actually really amazing on the skin. You can also purchase these lovely re-useable glass dispensers here.

WANT TO TRY THEM OUT FOR YOURSELF? I promise, they are super easy and quick and your skin would thank you for it too!


3 Easy-Peasy DIY Recipes: Body/Handwash, Face Scrub & Body Scrub. 

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About Stephie Mizzi: 

After working in advertising for several years, Stephie chose to give up her life in London to set up The Green Bootcamps – residential bootcamps that focus on teaching clients how to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Her aim is to reduce her impact on the planet in order to create a more sustainable future. She grows as much of her own vegetables herself, shops at local farmer’s markets, tries to eliminate all single-use plastic from her day-to-day life, primarily by shopping at zero-packaging food shops and makes many things herself: from toothpaste, face scrubs, body washes and moisturisers to household cleaning sprays. You can check out her website or follow her on Instagram @thegreenbootcamps for daily tips and hacks.

Stephie has found these lovely re-useable glass dispensers here that are perfect for the hand wash and body wash.