Dry skin. Allergies. Frequently getting ill …. there are many factors responsible – but you just cannot seem to hack it.

Frequent doctors visits. Pharmacy bills… they all seem to add up to a hefty amount.

The truth is – we have been exposing ourselves to harmful toxins on the daily and unfortunately this starts in the home. Yes – your safe haven may not be as safe as you thought it is.

Toxins are present everywhere. And the most potent is the daily exposure to cleaning products we use in the kitchens, bathrooms, laundry … I write more about this concern in this article “Eliminate Toxins in the home.”

Today (June 2020) I am offering you an opportunity to change this all. TODAY. No hassle. No fuss.

I’m inviting you to makeover your cleaning cabinet. Transform your relationship to cleaning. And Detox your home for a safer and healthier environment.

Why? Because you know that your health matters more than anything in the world. Whether you’re single. Or a parent. Living alone or with your family. The environment you want to create in your home is sacred and safe. In a world where we have lost trust in the multi brand corporations and commercial products – it’s time you take matters in your own hands.

If you’ve followed me for a while you will know that I advocate for natural wellness. I have chosen doTERRA as my preferred partner because I TRUST them more than any other brand.

Here’s your invitation to take that next step into empowerment and for once change the products you use in a flash (and with massive savings and benefits!)

doTERRA launched a 100-100-100 offer. What the heck is this?

We invite you to enrol with doTERRA as a wholesale customer there are huge benefits in doing so and this makes using essential oils more affordable.

Here’s the overview on how to Save Money with doTERRA…
1. Enrol as a wholesale customer in June 2020 with a kit worth 100PV
(often time 100 PV would mean approx 100 euro +/-)

2. In July – set up an LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program – watch this video by my business partner explaining the LRP) order of 100PV.

3. In August – RECEIVE 100PV FREE PRODUCTS! Whhhaoooo!!

Let’s flesh that out and what it means to you and what you get!
Here’s my recommendation on how to benefit from this offer so that your cleaning cabinet (and perhaps your medicine cabinet too!) is transformed within 3 months:

STEP 1: June 2020: Enrol with the Home Essentials Kit (224.50 PV)
The doTERRA Home Essentials kit includes the annual doTERRA Memberships which allows you to buy at wholesale rates – 25% off retail price – definately worth it) AND it includes the new Petal Diffuser, honestly a must-have in the home to be able to diffuse oils for more effective therapeutic benefits.

The Kit includes:  

Single Oils:

  • Frankinscence – the king of oils (alone is worth 75PV!) healing, emotional support savior (link to article) 
  • Lavender – fragrant, calming. I use lavender in the diffuser to relax before bed time. or in the washing machine in the last cycle to soften the linen. 
  • Lemon – cleaning must-have. 
  • Tea Tree – cleaning must have and can be used in your daily beauty products especially if you are prone to pimples and blemishes. 
  • Oregano – an amazing addition to your kitchen cabinet too! But also lovely to clean surfaces with.
  • Peppermint – diffuse for uplifting aroma, cleaning, repel insects and flies. 

Propriety Blends:

  • doTerra Air – diffuse to support respiratory health. 
  • Deep Blue (5ml) – dilute for body aches and pains.
  • Zen Gest – one drop in your water daily to support a healthy digestive system. relieve gas and bloating. 
  • On Guard – cleaning must have AND supports general health. 

OR Option 2: DIY starter Kit (to make up 100PV)

  • Pay for membership 23.50 euro (renewed annually at 15eu) 
  • Lemon 10.50 PV
  • Wild Orange 11.50 PV
  • On Guard EO 37.5PV 
  • Melaleuca 20 PV 
  • Purify 25 PV 

(as you can see, although you’re spending more with the kit you SAVE in the long run, and get way more for your money. 

STEP 2: July 2020:  Start a LRP with other cleaning essentials that your family will love. Here is my recommendations as add-ons.

  • on guard cleaner concentrate 10.50 PV
  • on guard laundry detergent 22 PV 
  • on guard hand wash 2 pack 33 PV
  • Wild Orange 11.50
  • Onguard touch 22 PV
  • On guard toothpaste 4.5
    = total 103.5 PV

STEP 3: August 2020: YOU GET 100PV FREE!

This is your opportunity to top up what you’ve used in the previous two months or reward yourself with some of the amazing personal care products from doTERRA – from natural and luxurious skincare, body care, hair care or the amazing and well-reviewed wellness supplements (my favourite and most raved Lifelong Vitality Supplements can be life-changing!) 

BONUS from Naturally Hannah – I’ve got your back!

doTERRA is super generous, and so am I! I believe in sharing and collaborating to uplift and empower one another. So if you sign up as a Wholesale Customer with doTERRA this month, you will also receive
– Access to a thriving community on facebook who are using and sharing essential oils
Natural Cleaning Ebook by doTERRA AND my upcoming Natural Cleaning Ebook with Naturally Hannah (will be launched soon!)
– Access to Mini Course on Green Cleaning with Essential Oils (self-paced)

The above is exactly why starting your empowered health journey with doTERRA is a potentially life-changing experience.

Watch this demo if you’re not sure how to access it all!

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