If you know me personally, you would know that I hardly ever leave the house without my sunglasses during daylight! My eyes are ultra photosensitive so wearing good quality sunglasses is really important for me. When I found out that Anthropose, a for-profit social-good company, not only produces sunglasses but also gives sight back to people who have lost it due to cataract, I was immediately drawn in.


Anthropose aspires to recognise and identify social issues in Nepal to create viable, sustainable and scalable entrepreneurial solutions. Their eyewear is one solution to solve the deep-rooted problem of cataracts and high dropout rate amongst students attending public schools in Nepal. Through their stylish eyewear, the young company is creating a platform for communities to unite and give the gift of vision. Anthropose also aims to assist struggling public school students’ support their essentials.

As of 2011, there were 94,765 blind people in Nepal, of which, cataracts account as the cause for 62.2% of them. Cataract is the clouding of the lens that affects the quality of vision and a simple cataract surgery only takes 15 minutes and restores eyesight within 24 hours. However, access to healthcare remains low and the inability to afford this surgery is very high.

As a community and sunglass wearers, we can change this, thanks to Anthropose. With every 10 pairs of eyewear sold, the brand can carry out 1 cataract surgery.

ethical-sunglasses-nepal-socialRestoring one’s eyesight is the tip of the benefits that the person receives. They are now able to continue living independently; it improves their livelihood and economic potential and opportunities; yes, even at 93 years old like Tula Kumari featured in this video

After spending a while living in rural Nepal, I understand and have experienced the true struggles. The lack of access to quality education and healthcare is very real. The hardship of people living in rural Nepal is real. From a very young age until they are old, they tirelessly work their land, collect water for their homes from far places and walk hours (in some places also days) to reach a hospital and a few hours to reach school.

Sharing this brand with you has been very touching for me as I am sure their video has touched you too. So if you are looking for a new pair of shades I truly recommend Anthropose. They are also shipping internationally (better rates apply for UK and US – but don’t let this hold you back!).

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