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I’m an islander living in the Himalayas. Until I was 27 I worked in a medium-sized family business representing a number of international brands in the pharmaceutical and skin care industries. I left this career to pursue a new journey in social development where I volunteered with Maya Universe Academy for two years.

My passion for natural wellness and ethical living deepened. In 2018 I committed myself to pursue a life journey that is more ethical, socially enhancing and inspiring and that ultimately preserves our natural environment. Nature is my haven – I seek natural elements around me at all times, it keeps me sane. Just like nature, I’m always constantly evolving in the space I choose to nurture.

When I began to experiment with natural ways to clean the house I was blown away. This has led me to share recipes and tips on how to clean using natural products that are safe for you and your family. My aim is to reduce exposure to toxins and chemicals as much as possible. Green and natural cleanining and the introduction of essential oils has drastically improved my respiratory health and reduced my household waste to practically zero.

About Naturally Hannah

My blog came to life in June 2018 by sharing my personal stories and journey on ethical and sustainable living. Naturally Hannah aims to inspire others to make mindful daily decisions on the way they consume, purchase and live in the hope of not only improving our own quality of life but that of others, whilst having a positive impact on our ecosystem.

Naturally Hannah works with brands that have strong ethical morals, practice fair and equal employment, and/or are making a positive impact on our natural environment.

Let’s Talk!

Naturally Hannah’s international followers care deeply for their wellbeing, the preservation and conservation of our natural environment and stand for social justice. We share the same values. We want to live in a happier place.

So let’s spread our knowledge and love. If you would like to collaborate, drop me a line and I will get back to you as early as possible!

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